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Embark on a journey of creativity and craftsmanship with Macaw Homes, a premier custom home builder nestled in the heart of San Antonio. Join our dynamic team and become part of a legacy dedicated to bringing dreams to life, one unique home at a time. At Macaw Homes, we pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail, innovative design solutions, and personalized client experiences. Join us in shaping the future of custom home building in San Antonio and beyond. Opportunity awaits, as we invite you to join our family and leave your mark on the skyline of Texas.

Marketing Assistant

Job Title: Part-Time Marketing Assistant

Macaw Custom Homes is seeking a dynamic and creative Part-Time Marketing Assistant to join our team. This position offers an excellent opportunity for growth, with the potential to transition into a full-time salaried role. As a Marketing Assistant, you will play a key role in enhancing our brand presence through social media, supporting ongoing marketing initiatives, and developing relationships with realtors, vendors, and other stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Social Media Marketing and Supervision:

– Manage and oversee Macaw Custom Homes’ social media accounts (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.).

– Develop and schedule engaging content, including posts, stories, and videos, that align with our brand voice and marketing goals.

– Monitor and respond to social media interactions, engaging with our audience to build community and brand loyalty.

– Analyze social media metrics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and adjust strategies as needed.

2. Support Ongoing Marketing Initiatives:

– Assist in the creation and execution of marketing campaigns, including digital, print, and event-based initiatives.

– Coordinate with the marketing team to ensure brand consistency across all platforms and materials.

– Conduct market research to identify trends, opportunities, and competitive landscape insights.

– Assist in the preparation of marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, and presentations.

3. Develop In-Person Contact with Realtors, Vendors, and Other Stakeholders:

– Build and maintain relationships with local realtors, vendors, and other key partners.

– Attend networking events, open houses, and other industry events to promote Macaw Custom Homes.

– Coordinate and support promotional events and activities, ensuring they are well-organized and effectively marketed.

4. General Administrative Support:

– Provide administrative support to the marketing team, including scheduling meetings, organizing files, and managing databases.

– Assist with the preparation of reports, presentations, and other marketing-related documents.

– Perform other duties as assigned to support the marketing department and company objectives.


– Previous experience in marketing, social media management, or a related field is preferred.

– Strong understanding of social media platforms and best practices.

– Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

– Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

– Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

– Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and familiarity with graphic design tools (e.g., Canva, Adobe Creative Suite) is a plus.

– Positive attitude, creativity, and a passion for the home building industry.

Additional Information:

– Part-time position with flexible hours.

– Potential to transition to a full-time salaried role based on performance and company needs.

– Opportunities for professional growth and development.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume, cover letter, and examples of previous marketing work (if available) to . Please include “Part-Time Marketing Assistant Application” in the subject line.

Macaw Custom Homes is an equal-opportunity employer.

Join our team and help us build beautiful, custom homes while growing your career in marketing!

Project manager

Job Title: Custom Home Project Manager
Job Overview:
We are seeking an experienced and highly skilled Custom Home Project Manager to join our dynamic team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for overseeing and managing a portfolio of 4-8 custom home projects concurrently, with project budgets ranging from 1-5 million dollars. The Custom Home Project Manager will play a crucial role in ensuring successful project delivery, client satisfaction, and overall project profitability.

1. Project Planning and Coordination:

– Develop comprehensive project plans, outlining timelines, milestones, and resource requirements.

– Coordinate with architects, contractors, and other stakeholders to ensure smooth project progression.

2. Budget Management:

– Create and manage project budgets, ensuring cost-effectiveness and adherence to financial constraints.

– Monitor expenses and make adjustments as necessary to maintain project profitability.

3. Client Communication:

– Serve as the primary point of contact for clients, providing regular updates on project progress.

– Address client concerns and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle.

4. Team Leadership:

– Lead and motivate a diverse project team, including contractors, architects, and subcontractors.

– Foster a collaborative and positive working environment to maximize team efficiency.

5. Quality Control:

– Implement and enforce quality control measures to ensure that all work meets or exceeds industry standards and client expectations.

– Conduct regular site inspections to identify and address any issues promptly.

6. Risk Management:

– Identify potential risks and challenges early in the project and develop strategies to mitigate them.

– Proactively manage changes in project scope, schedule, and costs.

7. Documentation and Reporting:

– Maintain accurate project documentation, including contracts, change orders, and progress reports.

– Generate regular status reports for internal and external stakeholders.


– Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, Civil Engineering, or a related field.

– Proven experience as a Project Manager in custom home construction projects.

– Strong understanding of construction processes, building codes, and regulations.

– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

– Exceptional organizational and time-management abilities.

– Proficient in project management software and tools.

Preferred Qualifications:

– Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

– Familiarity with sustainable building practices.

– Previous experience managing high-end, luxury custom home projects.

If you are a results-oriented and seasoned Custom Home Project Manager looking for an exciting opportunity to lead prestigious projects, we encourage you to apply. Join our team and be a key player in delivering exceptional custom homes that exceed client expectations.

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Custom Home Superintendent

Job Title: Custom Home Superintendent

Job Overview:
We are seeking a highly skilled and detail-oriented Custom Home Superintendent to complement our Custom Home Project Manager. In this collaborative role, you will assist the Project Manager in the successful execution of 4-8 custom home projects, each ranging from 1-5 million dollars. The Custom Home Superintendent will play a crucial role in on-site coordination, quality control, and day-to-day management to ensure projects are delivered to the highest standards.


On-Site Management:

Oversee day-to-day construction activities, ensuring adherence to project plans and specifications.

Collaborate with subcontractors and suppliers to maintain a smooth workflow.

Quality Assurance:

Implement and enforce quality control measures to meet or exceed project standards.

Conduct regular inspections to identify and address any construction-related issues promptly.

Schedule Coordination:

Assist the Project Manager in maintaining project schedules, ensuring timely completion of milestones.

Collaborate with the project team to address any delays or changes in project scope.


Serve as a key liaison between on-site teams and the Custom Home Project Manager.

Provide regular updates on project progress and address any concerns promptly.

Safety Compliance:

Implement and enforce safety protocols to ensure a secure working environment.

Collaborate with safety officers to address any potential hazards on-site.

Documentation Support:

Assist in maintaining accurate project documentation, including daily reports, photos, and progress updates.

Collaborate with the Project Manager to compile comprehensive project records.


High school diploma or equivalent; additional education or certification in construction management is a plus.

Proven experience as a Superintendent or similar role in custom home construction projects.

Strong knowledge of construction processes, safety regulations, and quality standards.

Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

Ability to multitask and problem-solve in a fast-paced environment.

Preferred Qualifications:

Familiarity with project management software and tools.

Previous experience working on luxury custom home projects.

Understanding of sustainable building practices.

Join Our Team:

If you are a dedicated and experienced Custom Home Superintendent looking to contribute to the success of high-end custom home projects, we invite you to join our team. This role offers a unique opportunity to work closely with our Custom Home Project Manager and play a vital role in delivering exceptional homes that exceed client expectations. Apply now to be a part of our collaborative and innovative construction team.

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Job Title: Build on Your Lot Sales Specialist

Job Overview:

We are searching for a dynamic and motivated Build on Your Lot Sales Specialist who possesses a unique blend of sales acumen and the ability to independently generate leads. In this role, you will be the key liaison between our clients and the construction team, guiding them through the process of building their dream homes on their own lots. The ideal candidate will have a knack for identifying potential clients, strong communication skills, and the ability to assess the construction viability of various land sites.


Lead Generation:

Independently generate leads through various channels, including networking, referrals, and targeted outreach.

Cultivate relationships with real estate agents, brokers, and other industry professionals to expand the client base.

Client Consultation:

Conduct thorough consultations with clients to understand their vision, budget, and requirements for building on their own lots.

Provide expert advice on the construction viability of different land sites, considering factors such as topography, zoning regulations, and utility access.

Site Assessment:

Evaluate potential build sites to determine their suitability for construction, addressing any challenges or opportunities.

Collaborate with architects and construction teams to assess site-specific requirements and potential modifications.

Sales Presentations:

Develop compelling and customized sales presentations based on client needs and site assessments.

Clearly articulate the benefits of building on their own lot, addressing concerns and providing solutions.

Project Coordination:

Collaborate with our construction and design teams to ensure a seamless transition from sale to project commencement.

Provide ongoing support to clients, addressing any questions or concerns throughout the building process.

Market Research:

Stay informed about market trends, competitor offerings, and industry developments to provide a competitive edge.

Identify emerging opportunities and develop strategies to capitalize on them.


Proven experience in sales, particularly in the real estate or custom home construction industry.

Strong self-starter with the ability to independently generate and manage leads.

Excellent communication and negotiation skills.

Understanding of construction processes and the ability to assess land for building feasibility.

Familiarity with zoning regulations, permitting processes, and land use planning.

Preferred Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, or a related field.

Real Estate License or relevant certifications.

Previous experience working with clients to build on their own lots.

Knowledge of sustainable building practices.

Join Our Team:

If you are a results-driven Build on Your Lot Sales Specialist with a passion for guiding clients through the process of building their dream homes, we invite you to apply. This role offers a unique opportunity to showcase your sales prowess, land assessment skills, and contribute to the growth and success of our custom home construction projects. Apply now and be a key player in turning our clients’ visions into reality.

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Job Title: Starts Coordinator

Job Overview:

We are seeking a highly organized and detail-oriented Starts Coordinator to play a pivotal role in the seamless transition of new home sales to the production phase. In this position, you will be responsible for efficiently managing the initial stages of the home construction process, ensuring that each new sale progresses smoothly into the production queue. The Starts Coordinator will collaborate closely with sales, construction teams, and various stakeholders to streamline processes and contribute to the overall success of our homebuilding projects.


1. Sales Handover:

– Receive new home sale information from the sales team, including relevant documentation and customer preferences.

– Conduct thorough reviews to ensure all necessary details are accurately captured for a smooth transition to the production phase.

2. Coordination with Sales and Construction Teams:

– Collaborate with the sales team to gather essential client information and preferences.

– Liaise with the construction team to communicate project details and initiate the scheduling of construction activities.

3. Document Management:

– Create and maintain organized and up-to-date files for each new home sale, ensuring all relevant information is accessible to the production team.

– Verify that all required permits, approvals, and documentation are in place before moving to the production phase.

4. Project Scheduling:

– Work closely with the construction scheduler to ensure accurate and timely placement of new projects in the production queue.

– Monitor project timelines and provide regular updates to relevant stakeholders.

5. Communication and Updates:

– Serve as a point of contact for any queries or updates related to the start of new home projects.

– Communicate effectively with internal teams to facilitate a smooth transition from sales to production.

6. Quality Assurance:

– Conduct quality checks on documentation and project details to ensure accuracy and completeness.

– Identify and address any discrepancies or issues that may impact the smooth initiation of the construction process.


– Proven experience in a coordination or administrative role, preferably in the real estate or construction industry.

– Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills.

– Strong attention to detail and a commitment to maintaining accurate and thorough documentation.

– Effective communication skills to collaborate with cross-functional teams.

Preferred Qualifications:

– Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Construction Management, or a related field.

– Familiarity with construction processes and project management.

– Previous experience with document management and coordination software.

– Customer-focused mindset with a commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Join Our Team:

If you are a detail-oriented and proactive professional with a passion for ensuring a smooth transition from sales to production in the homebuilding industry, we invite you to apply for the Starts Coordinator position. This role offers an exciting opportunity to be a key player in the initial stages of our home construction projects and contribute to the overall success of our growing organization. Apply now to be a part of a dynamic team dedicated to delivering exceptional homes to our clients.

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Job Title: Experienced Low Voltage Wiring Technician (Startup Division)

Job Overview:

We are currently seeking an experienced Low Voltage Wiring Technician to join our new startup division. This role presents a fantastic opportunity for a seasoned professional to bring their expertise in low voltage systems to our innovative venture. While an Alarm Installers License is preferred, it’s not mandatory, making this position suitable for those with a strong background in low voltage installations.


1. Low Voltage Systems Installation:

– Lead the planning, installation, and maintenance of various low voltage wiring systems, including security alarms, surveillance cameras, and audiovisual equipment.

– Ensure efficient routing, termination, and testing of low voltage wiring to meet project specifications.

2. Collaboration with Teams:

– Work closely with the startup team, project managers, and fellow tradesmen to ensure seamless integration of low voltage systems within larger projects.

– Contribute your expertise to interdisciplinary projects, enhancing overall project success.

3. Client Interaction:

– Collaborate with clients to understand their specific low voltage wiring needs and preferences.

– Provide clear explanations of installed systems and offer necessary guidance.

4. Documentation:

– Maintain organized records of installations, configurations, and maintenance activities.

– Provide detailed documentation to clients and project teams upon project completion.

5. Compliance and Safety:

– Ensure adherence to industry standards, local codes, and safety regulations in all installations.

– Work towards obtaining necessary permits and approvals for installations.


– Proven experience as a Low Voltage Wiring Technician, with a strong track record in successful installations and maintenance.

– Strong understanding of low voltage systems, wiring protocols, and industry best practices.

– Ability to work independently and collaboratively within a team.

Preferred Qualifications:

– Alarm Installers License is preferred but not required.

– Additional certifications in low voltage wiring or related fields.

– Familiarity with smart home automation systems.

– Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Join Our Startup Team:

If you are an experienced Low Voltage Wiring Technician with a passion for contributing to a startup environment, we encourage you to apply. Be a key player in shaping the success of our new division and bring your well-established skills to the forefront. Apply now and be part of an exciting journey in our growing startup!

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